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Any free Greek TTS that converts to MP3 available?


I'm looking for a Greek Text To Speech which can convert the audio file into MP3 format. This is for a Memrise course I am making, and it would be much better to hear the words as I am learning them.


February 10, 2017


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Are you familiar with Forvo? It's only good for individual words and not entire sentences, but I rate it very highly and have used it extensively for Memrise courses I've put together for myself.

If I can't find what I'm looking for in Forvo, or if I'm putting together a phrase, I use Sound of Text. It rips stuff from Google Translate. Just put whatever you want in there (up to 100 characters), set it to Greek, press 'Save' and it'll generate an audio file for you. Really useful.


Check this amazing TTS : http://www.oddcast.com/home/demos/tts/tts_example.php It features 3 native Greek personalities. Then, you can record what they said and convert it to mp3 with music software like Audacity (http://www.audacityteam.org/download/ ) or something similar. I use "Oddcast" for my TTS listening, it has almost 30 languages available and thankfully it contains almost all of the languages that I'm currently learning.

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