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Do dualingo has also an option to reverse translation: from English to German or from English to Spanish?

IMHO this could be much more useful for learning a language

March 17, 2012



No, it is oposite. Currently the only option is Spanish/German to English. This way i feel more learning English, rather than Spanish or German. To learn Spanish or German it would be much more usefull, if I had to write in Spanish/German. Also, I think it could be usefull for wikipedia to translate content from English, to other languages (as the most part of info in Wikipedia is in English).


I think they are using this method because apart from you being able to learn, you are helping translate Wikipedia to these languages. That is the beauty of the program and why it is free...


Currently, English to Spanish/Geran are the only options. I'd love to see options to learn English as well.


I get German sentences to write. It feels like it wants to teach e German, not English. Listening to German senteces and writing them doesn't help you in learning English.


@ K_Lamberts Don't forget that the main purpose of Duolingo is to translate the web - teaching us the language is just the incentive to get us to do that. In translating, it is always much better (and easier) to translate from your secondary language to your primary language. You have a better feel for your primary language and are therefore able to make better sentences. Having said that, it looks like they do have it set up now to learn English if your primary language is Spanish, so you could try that out. From the main page there's a drop down menu at the bottom left to choose Spanish as your primary language.


I suspect there is not much demand to translate websites from English to other languages. So us native English speakers are the lucky ones who get to use Duolingo! :-)


Google "Duolingo en espanol" to register on the Spanish site to learn English

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