"We have seen the big flag."

Translation:Εμείς έχουμε δει τη μεγάλη σημαία.

February 11, 2017

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For the others who get this in a multiple-choice question and are confused why τη μεγάλη σημαία is also correct: we use only την if the next word starts with a plosive consonant (μπ, ντ, γκ, κ, ξ, π, ψ, τ) or any vowel (α, ε, ι, η, ο, ω, υ); otherwise we can also use τη.


This change never occurs for the masculine article τον. It only happens for την,αυτήν,δεν,μην, and the omission is adviced, but optional (ie not a mistake to keep the -ν)


Thanks, that's an important clarification. :)

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