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  5. "Lubię mleko i chleb."

"Lubię mleko i chleb."

Translation:I like milk and bread.

February 11, 2017



Is mill and bread and common food combination in Poland?


I thought i was ja and like was lubia whats with this?


Firstly: yes, "I" = "ja", but in Polish you do not need to use the personal pronouns much. In fact, you usually omit them, especially for 1st and 2nd grammatical person. You can write "Ja lubię mleko i chleb", but it sounds as if you were emphasizing I.

Secondly: "lubią" is only one of the forms of "to like". In Polish every grammatical person has its own form of the verb, and therefore you may not use the pronoun, as the verb makes it obvious which grammatical person is the subject. "lubią" is 3rd person plural: they like. "lubię" is 1st person singular: I like.


If you were to use this verb towards a person, would they be more likely to interpret that as "I like you" or " I love you", or somewhere in between/ can you not use it like that?


It's literally "to like" and only that. Whether something else in the context made it sound like an understatement, that's a different matter.

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