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"The elephant plays with the mouse."

Translation:Con voi chơi cùng con chuột.

February 11, 2017



What is the difference between Với and cùng?


"Với" is "with" ; "cùng" is "together, with someone/something". But sometimes they are exchangeable.

In general, "The elephant plays "with" the mouse" would be translated that "Con voi chơi với con chuột." But you also say: "Con voi chơi cùng con chuột." (it means the elephant and the mouse plays together - Con voi và con chuột chơi cùng với nhau.)


Nice, but it doesn't explain why we are using cùng here. And it doesn't explain why in previous lessons we've used với for similar sentences.


cùng, với, cùng với are all accepted.

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