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  5. "Maria este cealaltă fată."

"Maria este cealaltă fată."

Translation:Mary is the other girl.

February 11, 2017



For those struggling with this lesson, here is a excellent thread on this subject.


You might use the sentence in UK English if you have a theatre play with 2 female parts, you know one girl and someone then says Maria is the other girl or perhaps there are 2 girls on a rota at work... whether this is an example of what we are translating in the Romanian sentence I do not know though?!


How would you say "Mary is other girl" then?


What is "Mary is other girl" supposed to mean?


Means that Mary is another girl (we don't know who), not the one you pointed. It also could mean that Mary transformed herself somehow (looks different or acts different)


My point is that "Mary is other girl" is incorrect English and is not said. It has to be "Mary is another girl".


Yes, you're right, but I understood the josip02's question and told her/him how do you say "Mary is another girl". Obviously, josip02 is not a native English speaker. Me neither.


Maria este altă fată

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