"Putting my hands on my head, I started to cry."

Translation:Punându-mi mâinile în cap, eu am început să plâng.

February 11, 2017

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Actually both are correct in Romanian. PE CAP would be taken rather literally as putting your hands on the head and IN CAP should be treated more like a sign of desperation.

So the police will ask you to put your hands PE CAP, while your mother will put her hands IN CAP seeing the mess in your room :)


Can we say "Punându-mi mâinile pe cap, eu am început să plâng." instead of "Punându-mi mâinile în cap, eu am început să plâng."? The în sounds really strange to me.


I think both are correct. In usual conversation in is used more often than on


It sounded very odd to me too, but if "în cap" is a colloquialism, then you can't really change it to "pe cap" just because it sounds better.


Very often in Romania you can hear this: '' mi- am pus mâinile în cap ''.

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