"Andrew has four erasers."

Translation:Andrei are patru gume de șters.

February 11, 2017

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Grr... you won't accept ”ball-point pens” for ”pixuri”, neither ”pencil sharpeners” for ”ascuțitori”, but ask me to add ”de șters” to ”gume”... hehe... ”Andrei are patru gume” is a correct and valid translation... But well... ok, let's do the leson again...

(on the plus side, you now accept both ”pen” and ”fountain pen” for ”stilou”, thumbs up!)


I hope instead only writing here a comment you anyway sent the guys the report about your suggestions they may take into consideration?


Don't worry, they watch me tight... they even kick me out from time to time, they even put microphones into my water pipes and hidden cameras in my bedroom...

Joking apart, yes, I do report most of these things. I think the Duolingo's Gods_to_be got pissed off by me already, few times, not only once... I even requested to become contributor to few courses, and to start my own quest with ”German from Romanian”, but I was not accepted. Well, for the last part, they may be right, I am just learning German, I am not a native speaker, neither a good speaker at all, I was working in German companies in Asia for the last 20 years over, and always trying to learn that impossible German language, and it never stuck to me until I found the Duolingo course, even so, I repeatedly come to level 18 or 20, getting stuck, erasing all progress (and points), starting from scratch... However, about the Ge from Ro course, I think the attitude matters, and it is important to START it. Later on, people with more knowledge and native German speakers will join as contributors, or either only to write comments, suggestions, etc. Working on Ge from En course, I found a lot of similarities between German grammar and Romanian grammar - actually, German seems to be ”in the middle!” between English and Romanian, hehe, it has the words/vocabulary of English, but the grammar of Romanian, similar grammatical cases/structures, etc (”es gefällt mir”, ”mie îmi place” (dative case), as opposed to ”I like it”, just to give s stupid example, which comes normal and natural for me, as a native Ro speaker, but it makes eternal headaches for En natives - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/125767/Er-gef%C3%A4llt-mir), and I am sure I could do a lot of work there BEFORE getting to complicate things which will be over my head (when input from other contributors will be needed for sure). But well... I am starting myself to be pissed off a bit, slowly you give up, and eventually only the irony remains, you know the feeling...


Gume de șters sau radiere


The translation is missing "de sters".


Why isn't it gumele de sters?


Gumele is articulated (the eraser)

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