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  5. "We eat fish tonight."

"We eat fish tonight."

Translation:Noi mâncăm pește deseară.

February 11, 2017



Is there any reason why "Deseara mancam peste" should be wrong?


The multiple choice only gave this option: Noi mâncăm pește în seara aceasta. Please stop using different sentences, especially with things not thought yet. It is confusing.


I wrote 'Deseara mancam peste' - and it was incorrect. To me I think that this should be okay - is there a reason why not? Similarly, before I wrote 'Seara asta mancam peste' and this was given wrong too. Is the word order incorrect?


difference between deseara and diseara?? is it to do with the gender of the words?


DEX lists "diseară" as a variant of "deseară" so there is no difference at all. but "deseară" is the form with the complete dictionary entry so it might be the more current one?


I tjink that "tonight" is not correct translation for "feseara" , but do not know the propper word in english which must have meaning " this evening" which is more switable for "deseara" than "tonight". Who eats " at nights"?


Duo also accepted: "Noi mâncăm pește în seara asta".


I have another text with această seară. Why is that?

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