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  5. "I spend too much."

"I spend too much."

Translation:Yo gasto mucho.

February 22, 2013

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Shouldn't it be 'demasiado' instead of mucho?


doesn't 'mucho' just mean 'a lot'? or can it mean both 'too much' and 'a lot'?


'Mucho` can mean both "a lot" and "too much".


So can I not say demasiado mucho?


No, that literally means too much much.


No, that is not correct.


how would you say "I spend a lot" without suggesting that it's too much?


You would say Gasto bastante.


But that also means 'I spend too much'. Is it just down to context?


Why is it not tanto ?


That's more like "I spend so much" (which says I spend a lot, but not necessarily too much).


"Tanto" doesn't have de meaning of too much. "Demasiado" is perfect for this translation/phrase.


But by that logic, "mucho" is wrong as well, and "demasiado" should be the only acceptable answer. I also used 'tanto' and got really confused when duolingo said 'mucho' would have been correct. Had it only accepted 'demasiado' then it would have made sense to me.


I know that "mucho" means "much" but does it really ALSO mean "TOO much"? It seems that there should be a distinction.


Luis is right. In other languages like Spanish, a word like 'mucho' can mean 'too much' and 'a lot' depending on context. The Arabic word 'kathir' causes similar confusion for students. Some non-native English speakers have trouble knowing when to say 'too much' or 'a lot' in English depending on their native language too. Figuring out the various nuances of certain words will come with practice. You'll get there :)


So I cannot say muy mucho to mean too much?


No, "muy mucho" is not correct. "Mucho" by itself is "too much".


So mucho can also mean too much? If I were speaking with someone in Spanish, how would they differentiate? Would there need to be more context or is it common knowledge to a native speaker?

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Try "√Čl habla mucho". It could go either way, but he probably is a chatterbox. Now look at this and you will see it both ways: http://www.linguee.es/espanol-ingles/ (well, no matter how I put it, the link didn't work. You'll have to click and then search for "gasta mucho").


And the demasiado has to be at the end? I took that phrase but thought it should be between spend and money but that was marked wrong. I don't know if demasiado is given as possibility here or not...

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I just see "I spend too much" and "Yo gasto mucho" without money being mentioned. "Gasto demasiado" should work, and unless there's other context, sure, it's going to be assumed to be money. Still, if you were given "I spend too much", and you answered "Gasto demasiado dinero", I assume you'd be dinged for an extra word.

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