"to look"

Translation:a părea

February 11, 2017



a privi, a se uita?

February 11, 2017


Yes, to look means a privi, a uita, but a părea means to seem

March 21, 2017


Yes but we get questions about "to look" and "a se uita" is not accepted. It should be reported.

March 25, 2017


There are different meanings to "look" in English, one is as in to look with ones eyes and another is as in "She looks beautiful" and i think the latter is the intended meaning to these questions..to look as in to seem if that makes sense? :)

April 13, 2017


Of course you are right. The point is that when you can get to translate "to look" in many different contexts in Duolingo. For instance, during a test, where you don't know that "a se uita" is not supposed to be known. Plus, when you study a language long enough, you get the same questions repeatedly and you lose the perspective about what meaning was being taught during the lesson where you saw it first. Therefore, Duolingo should accept all the meanings of the word.

April 13, 2017


@steevebradlee: The thing is, it happens so often that reports are ignored (or that they are not considered valid) that the comments give you the opportunity to emphasize the problem and let others report it with you. Moreover, you're not always 100% sure about your report and the comments allow you to confirm what you suspect to be a mistake. And even though I used comments a lot in the Romanian course, you wouldn't believe how often I reported problems without posting in the comments! :)

April 17, 2017


We should "report" concerns at the "Report a Problem" button, so as to improve the quality of this beautiful language course. It is more simple to do than commenting here. But do I love the comments in the Discussion..

April 17, 2017


Mulțumesc. :)

June 1, 2018


Perhaps to resemble

August 20, 2017
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