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  5. "El apare pe apă!"

"El apare pe apă!"

Translation:He appears on the water!

February 11, 2017



Jesus. Could be from the bible.


Could be. Or...

Jaws. Could be from the movie.


I once found a stream with a rocky bed that was just below the waters surface. This let me walk way out into the stream with my boots keeping me high and dry. It was a neat experience walking "on" the water.


Is it the "pe" that affects this sentence so that the "apă" is indefinite where we would use definite in English? Or does it have to do with the verb? Or is it random phrases I need to memorize? (Sorry if this question sounds vague)


Finally I have discovered that many prepositions take the indefinite for their objects. "Cu" however, does not.


Hristos a Înviat! -- That's a common greeting in the weeks before Easter. The correct answer is -- Adevărat a înviat

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