"I hear a horse."

Translation:Εγώ ακούω ένα άλογο.

February 11, 2017



I said ίππο (trying as usual the ancient word when I didn't know the modern), and was counted right, but was reminded of άλογο here.

What is the difference between these two words in current usage in Greece?

Etymologically it would seem that άλογο is broader (and could refer to animals other than horses). Is this the case in current usage?

February 11, 2017


is the horse here not in accusative? the previous example in the lesson was χρειάζομαι εναν καφέ - coffee being in accusative. so isn't the horse the object here as well? i'm confused.

September 4, 2018


"Ακούω άλογο" is ok?

April 10, 2019
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