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Still no audio and won't do the google+ sign in.

Hi all, I checked back to see if audio for me was still not working, and it isn't. So knowing how strange things happen on computers thought I would try setting up new account, just to see if that would work, I could click on email to sign up and facebook to sign up but when went to use the google+ it would not click, so is this site somehow not working right for chrome users/google tv users? google+users?

March 5, 2014

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Hi zippzopp! First things first, if audio is not working for you, don't make a new account, instead, look for something that affects your audio. But before that, the reason the Google+ button is not working for you is probably because your browser's settings have disabled pop-ups. The next time you press the button, check if a small icon appears next to your bookmark star on the URL bar.

To enable pop-ups, here are the instructions:

  1. Press the Chrome Menu on your browser toolbar.

  2. Press Settings.

  3. Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings.

  4. Then, under Privacy, click Content Settings

  5. Once again, scroll down until you see Pop-ups and press the bubble for Allow all sites to show pop-ups or you can press Manage exceptions... and enter www.duolingo.com.

Now, back to the main topic. Is audio only not working for you on Google Chrome? Or your entire computer itself? Hopefully, it's the computer as a whole, because there are no specific sound options for Google Chrome. Make sure your sound is turned on (Please do. It would hurt to find out at the very end that you only forgot to turn your sound on.). Check your sound settings and switch "Sound Input" to "Sound Output". If that's already done, then I'll have to find more answers. Have you tried using DuoLingo on another browser? Hope this helps! :)

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