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  5. Just lost 60 lingots


Just lost 60 lingots

So I'm not sure why this happened - I saw a discussion about the new store, went to have a look and didn't buy anything. I went to go refresh a skill and I went from 85 to 30 lingots, after getting 5 from a 50 day streak. Apparently, I bought all of the bonus skills - has this happened to anyone else?

[edit: thank you to whoever restored them]

March 5, 2014



This is a bug that they are trying to fix. See this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2085078

Update: Issue fixed; they are working on restoring the lingots for those who lost them.


Hi MalloryBlaise,

Please subscribe to the Troubleshooting forum and move your post over there. Thanks! ^_^


Whoops! Sure thing

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