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  5. "My mom loves this comb."

"My mom loves this comb."

Translation:Mẹ của tôi yêu chiếc lược này.

February 11, 2017



When do I use Chiếc and Cái??


cái: used for most inanimate objects

chiếc: objects that are worn or moved by people (chairs, cars, ships, shirts, shoes, earrings, chopsticks, etc.)


Really. Why does this program say they are interchangeable? And why is cái much more common in the South?


They are classifiers. I believe the most common ones


I have a question about this use of yêu. Somewhere along the line I was told yêu is reserved for romantic love, not for frivolous love - to use thích instead. I'm pretty sure it was in this program. Do the Vietnamese normally gush over objects like Americans do and use the word yêu the same way?

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