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  5. "She buys a comb."

"She buys a comb."

Translation:Cô ấy mua một chiếc lược.

February 11, 2017



9/3/2021 - why do we need a classifier here? The exercise before this was "Con mèo đang dùng một máy tính bảng" meaning "the cat uses a tablet. There was need for a classifier in that exercise but there is a need in this one! What is the reason behind this? Both exercise follow the S +V+N


*no need for a classifier


Doesn't chiếc mean pair? Why isn't it Cái?


chiếc and cái are sometimes interchangeable. This list says chiếc means "single item", but also lists cái lược.

Note: In a number of cases, chiếc and cái are employed interchangeably: cái/chiếc cầu, cái/chiếc ghế, cái/chiếc gậy, cái/chiếc khăn, cái/chiếc mền, cái/chiếc nhẫn, cái/chiếc xe, but not chiếc đèn đường, chiếc cầu thang, chiếc dốc, chiếc nhà; but not: cái giày, cái dép.

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