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  5. "Quelles sont mes recettes ?"

"Quelles sont mes recettes ?"

Translation:Which are my recipes?

February 22, 2013



How can ANYONE understand the voice in this statement?


Try it on Google or other resource, you will hear it better.


I just did. Unfortunately even though I managed to get "Quelles sont" and assumed there Must be Mes,Les but I could hear well enough that it certainly wouldn't be Des (definitely no "D" there) and went for Mes (so far so good) I typed in "Rosettes" as it says "Type what you hear" which blew my cunning plan. After many listenings afterwards I began to hear "Recettes". Its put the fear of Christ into me for when I'm introduced to "Rosettes". :)


Une rosette is also a dry sausage (un saucisson) from Lyon.


Oh Gawd blimey sitesurf. I am very into horses and when they win things they are awarded a Rosette (a kind of silk flower combined with a medal). I shall avoid horse shows in France because I'll end up fighting the horse for the Rossette. This must be the source of Duo's L'homme combats le cheval lesson?


Don't worry, "les Lyonnais" make their rosette with pork meat...


I think the voice is fine - it's just my inability to recognise 'recettes' instead of 'mes roses faitres" !! (which of course made absolutely NO sense at all in English OR French!! 'o) but it said type in what I hear!! and THAT was what I heard!!

Now that I KNOW we're talking about recipes and not "doing roses" in some grammatically inaccurate way, however…. it makes PERFECT sense! and sounds just like what it actually says.. 'o)


Put it in a scenario. For me, I used two people preparing meals and where recipes were piled into one, one asks "Which are my recipes (then)?


I agree you can't hear the voice very well here. My guess was "Quelles sont mes rose fetes?" Which are my pink birthdays? :D


That's what I heard too. Even after knowing it's recettes, I still hear an F in her pronunciation.


for your info, "fête" is not used for a birthday or an anniversary (both being "un anniversaire").

either "une fête" is a party or it is your name day (Catholic custom).


And yet, in Canada at least, "Bonne fête à toi..." is sung for Happy Birthday. :)


Why is 'Quelles sont mes recettes?' correct, but on another question a minute ago it would not accept 'Quel est le chien?' for 'Which is the dog?' It would only accept 'Lequel est le chien?'


"lesquelles sont mes recettes", similarly to "lequel est ton chien" implies a choice: "which among these recipes are mine?" and "which one among these dogs is yours?" are the respective meanings.

And the answers to such questions may different:

  • quelle est ma recette ? je fais toujours bouillir d'abord et j'épluche ensuite (what is your recipe? I always boil first then I peel off)
  • lesquelles sont mes recettes ? ce sont celles qui sont écrites à la main (which are my recipes? they are the handwritten ones).

As you can see, the difference is very slim, for lack of proper context...


Wow, thank you again Sitesurf! Your explanations are always concise, and they really help those of us that are using Duolingo without any previous formal training in French.


wouldn't "quelle est ma recette?" mean "what is my recipe?" not "what is your recipe?"


I had no idea what I was hearing - so I went to google translate, typed in what I guessed they were saying - it suggested I was typing "roussettes" which is bats, which is what I put in. Wrong, obviously!


ha ha ha That's what I did but GT had NO suggestions for my wonky version of what I thought I heard! 'o)


Would it be wrong to say "Lesquelles sont mes recettes?" Even after viewing the (very helpful) comments about quel vs lequel posted on on other questions, I still don't get it, and it still seems like "quelles" is incorrect here.


Honestly, there is not much difference in meaning between "which are my recipes?" / "quelles sont mes recettes ?", "quelles recettes sont à moi ?" and "lesquelles sont mes recettes ? The latter has a higher emphasis on the choice among many, like "which ones of these recipes are mine?".


can anyone tell me the difference b/w quelle,laquelle,lequel,lesquel,quel....


Quel, quelle, quels, quelles are interrogative or relative adjectives

Lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles are interrogative or relative pronouns

To know more, please take a look at this page: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/lequel.htm


what are the differences between quel/lequel/laquelle/laquelle/lesquels/lesquelles ???


Quel, quelle, quels, quelles are interrogative or relative adjectives

Lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles are interrogative or relative pronouns

To know more, please take a look at this page: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/lequel.htm


the "quelle" can also be translated as 'what,' right? So does the meaning of the sentence changes depending on the context?


In English there is a difference I can explain: "What are my recipes" is an ambiguous, unclear, or rather overly open question and implies, if anything, the finished dishes' names or descriptions. "Which are my recipes" seems to ask which of the recipes in a list of them are mine.


i could've sworn i heard "rocettes" did this about 5 times still not hearing recettes :x


just wondering, what is the difference between "quel" and "lesquel"?


Well here is a very basic and lay answer as a start. Quel and Quelle = what/which (applied to masculine or feminine nouns respectively). Lequel, Laquelle = which one (applied to masculine or feminine noun respectively) and Lesquels/lesquelles = which ones (applied to masculine and feminine gender plural nouns respectively). This is very basic, there is much more to it than that but it is a place to start from.


My Harrap's French-English dictionary translates "recettes" as "receipts" in several different ways leaving "recipes" as only the last possibility.


OK, Dale. My Collins Robert also gives many definitions and Recipe is the first. That is page 813 of 2285. Collins Robert is what Duo works from, as do many universities around the world. This is by no means a "Put Down" on the excellent Harraps (No apostrophe) dictionary. Only as a pointer to which this course works from. Cordial, JJ.


I think receipts should be accepted.

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