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"Data de azi este șase aprilie două mii nouăsprezece."

Translation:Today's date is April six two thousand nineteen.

February 12, 2017



"The Date of today is sixth april two thousand and nineteen" should also be accepted.


today's date is 6 april two thousand and nineteen should be accepted


Would be nice if it accepted 2019 instead of having to write out the full words for the year, since it lets you use numerals for most exercises involving numbers in English


In UK english, we would typically phrase this as 'twenty nineteen'. It's a valid answer, and common usage - should be accepted.

[deactivated user]

    in US english we do the same


    UK spoken English is not April six but April the sixth.


    "Today's date is 6 April 2019" should be accepted.


    The author has never been to England!


    The hardest part of Duolingo is guessing the bad English required for the exercises . I hope Romanian people are not using this.


    Translating into English I wrote " The date today is the sixth of April two thousand and Nineteen". That is how I would say it in British English. No way would I say it as a literal translation of the Romanian! There are also other ways I would say it ...are all these wrong too? Duo has run into a very sticky patch here...presupposing what one would say in another language. Reported.

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