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  5. "Je veux voir un oiseau."

"Je veux voir un oiseau."

Translation:I want to see a bird.

February 22, 2013



useful for when i am buying chicken off the black market


Surely you'd ask specifically for chicken in that case. ;-p


I sometimes think veux and voudrais mean the same thing- am I wrong for thinking this?


Sitesurf speaks the truth. They're both vouloir; it's a tense of you will learn later. "I want" vs. "I would like".


I agree with this in French but I'm not sure "want" and "would like" are so different in English. Just a matter of politeness/formality?


Yes. The conditional tense (in English and French) is normally used to discuss something that "would" happen if another thing "were" possible (ie, the conditions were favorable). Sometimes it adds a degree of politeness, implying that "if you so please" (making the conditions favorable), I.... [verb].

I would like a baguette vs I want a baguette.


I would purchase a baguette if I had the money. J'ach├Ęterais une baguette si j'avais l'argent.


Thank you, actually super helpful! I had been complaining about this one for a while, haha, but this makes sense to me.


No, you are not wrong. The French use "voudrais" (conditional) as a polite expression of a will.


I remember once reading a personal account that went like this.

A child was born in prison. It was born to a woman who had been brought there and kept there as a hostage until her husband turned himself in. She was constantly raped, and eventually bore a child. The hild grew up with its mother in her cell. One day, a guard took a littl epity on it and brought it to the cell of a famous opposition member, who was also a writer. The guard asked the senior prisoner to read the child a story.

The man looked at the little child and started telling it a stroy about a sheperd. The child aksed what a sheperd was, and the man ended up giving up on the story when he realized the child had never seen a sheep. He ended up telling the child a stroy about a bird. The child could relate to the bird more, because although it had never seen a bird before, it still could hear them outside the prison sometimes.

"I want to see a bird".


could it be - i wanna see a bird -, or my english is just bad? :)


"wanna" is not proper English, please write "want to"


Vouloir can also be to wish, surely?

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