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What are all the German nouns the average beginner of 8th grade may know? (INCOMPLETE LIST)

I believe that, in order to learn a language, we have to study like pre-8th graders, meaning that we would have to travel back in time to relearn things and what they are called but this time in a different language. I am writing a long possibly-never-to-be-completed list of all the words that the average German beginner of 8th-grade may and/or should know, which may include words that we might have already learned on Duolingo. All right, here we go, divided into subjects:


the anatomy --- Translation: die Anatomie

the arm --- Translation: der Arm --- Plural: Arme

the belly --- Translation: der Bauch --- Plural: Bäuche

the bellybutton --- Translation: der Bauchnabel --- Plural: Bauchnabel

the bone --- Translation: der Knochen --- Plural: Knochen

the brain --- Translation: das Gehirn --- Plural: Gehirne

the breast --- Translation: die Brust --- Plural: Brüste

the chest --- Translation: die Brust, der Brustkorb --- Plural: Brüste (rare when referring to males), Brustkörbe

the ear --- Translation: das Ohr --- Plural: die Ohren

the eye --- Translation: das Auge --- Plural: Augen

the eyelash --- Translation: die Wimper --- Plural: Wimpern

the foot --- Translation: der Fuß --- Plural: Füße

the hair --- Translation: das Haar --- Plural: Haare

the hand --- Translation: die Hand --- Plural: Hände

the head --- Translation: der Kopf --- Plural: Köpfe

the heel --- Translation: die Ferse --- Plural: Fersen

the knee --- Translation: das Knie --- Plural: Knie

the leg --- Translation: das Bein --- Plural: Beine

the lip --- Translation: die Lippe --- Plural: Lippen

the liver --- Translation: die Leber --- Plural: Lebern

the lung --- Translation: die Lunge --- Plural: Lungen

the nail --- Translation: der Nagel --- Plural: Nägel

the nipple --- Translation: die Brustwarze --- Plural: Brustwarzen

the organ --- Translation: das Organ --- Plural: Organe

the pupil --- Translation: die Pupille --- Plural: Pupillen

the rib --- Translation: die Rippe --- Plural: Rippen

the spine --- Translation: die Wir­bel­säu­le --- Plural: Wir­bel­säu­len

the tail --- Translation: der Schwanz --- Plural: Schwänze

the thigh --- Translation: der Oberschenkel -- Plural: Oberschenkel

the toe --- Translation: die Zehe --- Plural: Zehen

the tongue --- Translation: die Zunge --- Plural: Zungen

the wrist --- Translation: das Handgelenk --- Plural: Handgelenke


the animal --- Translation: das Tier --- Plural: Tiere

the (animal) species --- Translation: die Tierart --- Plural: Tierarten

the ant --- Translation: die Ameise --- Plural: Ameisen

the bear --- Translation: der Bär --- Plural: Bären

the bee --- Translation: die Biene --- Plural: Bienen

the beetle --- Translation: der Käfer --- Plural: Käfer

the bird --- Translation: der Vogel --- Plural: Vögel

the cat --- Translation: die Katze --- Plural: Katzen

the dog --- Translation: der Hund --- Plural: Hunde

the dolphin --- Translation: der Delphin --- Plural: Delphine

the eagle --- Translation: der Adler --- Plural: Adler

the fish --- Translation: der Fisch --- Plural: Fische

the fly --- Translation: die Fliege --- Plural: Fliegen

the giraffe --- Translation: die Giraffe --- Plural: Giraffen

the lion --- Translation: der Löwe --- Plural: Löwen

the mammal --- Translation: das Säugetier --- Plural: Säugetiere

the penguin --- Translation: der Pinguin --- Plural: Pinguine

the pet --- Translation: das Haustier --- Plural: Haustiere

the shark --- Translation: der Hai --- Plural: Haie

the snake --- Translation: die Schlange --- Plural: Schlangen

the tiger --- Translation: der Tiger --- Plural: Tiger

the whale --- Translation: der Wal --- Plural: die Wale

the zebra --- Translation: das Zebra --- Plural: Zebras


Australia --- Translation: Australien

Austria --- Translation: Österreich

Brazil --- Translation: Brasilien

Canada --- Translation: Kanada

China --- Translation: China

Denmark --- Translation: Dänemark

Egypt --- Translation: Ägypten

England --- Translation: England

Finland --- Translation: Finnland

France --- Translation: Frankreich

Germany --- Translation: Deutschland

Greece --- Translation: Griechenland

Ireland --- Translation: Irland

Israel --- Translation: Israel

Italy --- Translation: Italien

Japan --- Translation: Japan

Mexico --- Translation: Mexiko

Netherlands --- Translation: die Niederlande

Northern Ireland --- Translation: Nordirland

Norway --- Translation: Norwegen

Portugal --- Translation: Portugal

Russia --- Translation: Russland

Scotland --- Translation: Schottland

South Korea --- Translation: Südkorea

Spain --- Translation: Spanien

Sweden --- Translation: Schweden

Switzerland --- Translation: die Schweiz

the country --- Translation: das Land --- Plural: Länder

United Kingdom --- Translation: Vereinigtes Königreich

United States of America --- Translation: Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Wales --- Translation: Wales


the bread --- Translation: das Brot --- Plural: die Brote

the food --- Translation: das Essen

the pizza --- Translation: die Pizza --- Plural: die Pizzen


the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) --- Translation: Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-/Hyperaktivitätsstörung (ADHS)

the addiction --- Translation: Abhängigkeit --- Plural: Abhängigkeiten

the anxiety --- Translation: die Angst --- Plural --- Ängste

the autism --- Translation: der Autismus

the cancer --- Translation: der Krebs --- Plural: Krebse

the cirrhosis --- Translation: die Leberzirrhose

the diagnosis --- Translation: die Diagnose --- Plural: Diagnosen

the disease --- Translation: die Krankheit, die Erkrankung --- Plural: Krankheiten, Erkrankungen

the fatigue --- Translation: die Müdigkeit

the medicine --- Translation: die Medizin

the medication --- Translation: das Medikament --- Plural: Medikamente

the obsessive-compulsive disorder --- Translation: die Zwangsstörung, die Zwangserkrankung

the pregnancy --- Translation: die Schwangerschaft --- Plural: Schwangerschaften

the surgery --- Translation: die Chirurgie --- Plural: Chirurgien

the syndrome --- Translation: das Syndrom --- Plural: Syndrome


the homework --- Translation: die Hausaufgabe --- Plural: Hausaufgaben

the school --- Translation: die Schule --- Plural: Schulen

the student --- Translation: der Schüler --- Plural: Schüler

the teacher --- Translation: der Lehrer --- Plural: Lehrer

That is all that I wish to show you for now. I will come back to expand the list as I have time. What words do you think that most 8th graders may know? Do you have any complaints with this list? Let me know in the Comments section, and I will come back to this discussion shortly.

February 12, 2017



Why not research this? Presuming you're in a country with some sort of established education system and established early learning and academic publishing industry, you should be able to find study guides and graded readers from pre-school all the way up to grade 8. Throw in a short children's encyclopedia for a little extra boost.

Another way of doing such research, which might prove slightly better, would be to source the same types of books from Germany.


You're going to need a really long list, with many thousands of nouns. Even 8-year-olds, rather than 8th graders, know a lot of words. For example, see http://testyourvocab.com/blog/ for some statistics on English vocabulary size. If you really want a complete list of words that typical 8th graders know, you're probably best off buying a dictionary for German elementary school students.


This may be another one you might add to your list in the "school" section:

The teacher --- Translation: der Lehrer --- Plural: die Lehrer

Hope it helps :-) Xoxo


Great job!

Btw it is

Die Niederlande


Die Schüler


I would like a french, portuguese, and spainish version of this, I think it would be a good thing to put on duo.


There are also books of vocabulary lists organized by topic intended for adult language learners; to see some such products, try searching for "Cornelsen Aufbauwortschatz deutsch".


The thing with this though, is that it could get rude for younger kids.


thanks, great list

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