"Do we swim, or do we run?"

Translation:Noi înotăm sau alergăm?

February 12, 2017

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So.... they always have said, here, that using either sau or ori was acceptable for the word 'or', so I chose 'ori' in this case, but was marked wrong here. I have read one time here that 'ori' can really mean 'rather' or more specifically 'either' as well. If that's the case, then 'ori' doesn't really mean 'or.' Can a native Romanian confirm this or there something more to this explanation?


I think "a fug" is more like "to run away (from)", "to flee". I guess the root is where the word 'fugitive' comes from.


"Noi înotăm sau noi alergăm ?" should be accepted.


Did you only select one answer? I was marked wrong for only selecting alerga and not fugi.


Noi alergăm is we run. Noi fugim is also we run isn't it? What is the difference?


'Do we swim or do we run' seems coloquial to me. 'Will we swim or will we run?' sounds better.

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