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  5. "Зараз вересень?"

"Зараз вересень?"

Translation:Is it September now?

February 12, 2017



Is it winter = Зараз зима?

Is it September ≠Зараз вересень?

Why? Explain please.


Because a direct word-for-word translation of

"Now winter?" or "Now September?" is grammatically incorrect English.

Conversely, the present tense verb "is," in Ukrainian is omitted, so you're left with one word sentences. "Зима?" "Вересень?" This sounds incomplete in Ukrainian, so the word зараз, meaning "now," is added for clarity. Another alternative could be Це зима? Це вересень? More literally "is it...?"/"is this...?"


I wrote, exactly (copy/paste): "Is it September now?" This matches the correct answer exactly, but it was marked wrong. There is no option for reporting this type of error.

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