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" ấy nhà văn nổi tiếng Việt Nam."

Translation:She is a famous writer in Vietnam.

February 12, 2017



Why is no "mot" needed here?


"She" clearly is one person, so there's no need to quantify the number of famous writers that she is.


"Nhà văn" could mean both author and writer. You should accept both answers.


Sometime I am very angry with duolingo. Example as: when translation "nhà văn nổi tiếng" from Vietnamese to English they translate to be "a famous writer" and "the famous writer" is wrong but translation "a famous writer" from English to Vietnamese, they translate to be "một nhà văn nổi tiếng" and "nhà văn nổi tiếng" is wrong. What are the difference here? This is so difficult to me who learns by self-study. I love duolingo so much because of I can learn some new languages to not have to go to school. But you should improve this program more. Thank you.


'Author' not accepted.

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