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Mandarin Chinese Lessons Directory!


Welcome to the Mandarin Chinese directory, it's not much now but as time goes on and the course develops I'll add more information and stuff but for now, let's keep it simple:

Also, please take time to support these posts:




A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
― Laozi
February 12, 2017



Cool! I think it's really awesome that you're taking the time to make these lessons!


Subbed and followed to easily get your new posts. Keep up the good work!! Edit: this is my second attempt at learning Mandarin. This time I'm learning characters more on memrise because it's a disadvantage not being able to read. I peek at the pinyin for pronunciation help but I'm not using it 100℅ like before. I had almost finished the hellochinese tree but stopped and forgot everything last year. Relearning the same course on memrise now :).


Hi, if you want to practise reading Chinese, I recommand you this website: http://chinesereadingpractice.com/. Here are articles and stories written with explanation and (optional) English translations for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. I use it a lot and it helps me very much. Good luck :)


Thanks, added to my favorite website's folder.


Cool. Good luck! 好运 !

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