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  5. "Ему восемь месяцев."

"Ему восемь месяцев."

Translation:He is eight months old.

February 12, 2017



Could this also be the literal "He has eight months", as in "...to complete the project", or "...to live", etc?


That would be "У него ... " in genitive case. "Ему" is in dative case.


Thanks for the answer. I know which case is which and what the standard meanings of cases are, but wasn't sure as to this nuance of usage in Russian. After all, the cases are doing the job of prepositions here, and we all know what prepositional phrases are like from one language to another. Might as well spin a roulette, half the time :)


why is ему in the dative?


To him (there are) eight months.

That's how you say how old people are in Russian. Years, kind of, happen to you or register to you.


Note to self: orthographic spelling change - о becomes е after unstressed ж, ш, ч, щ, ц so месяцев NOT месяцов.


Thank you. I was looking for this exactly :)

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