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Japanese Lesson 63: Adjectives Part 6

Thank you for continuing to bear with me and my semi-irregular posts. And thank you to everyone who takes the time to send me corrections and explanations. I'm glad that this has turned into what I wanted it to be all along. A team and community effort.

So let's go ahead and get started!


Excellent: Subarashii: すばらしい: 素晴らしい

Perfect: Kanpeki (na): かんぺき (な): 完璧 (な)

Beautiful: Utsukushii: うつくしい: 美しい

Modern: Gendaiteki (na): げんだいてき (な): 現代的 (な)

Positive (Optimistic): Rakutenteki (na): らくてんてき (な): 楽天的 (な)

Positive (affirmative): Kouteiteki (na): こうていてき (な): 肯定的 (な)

Normal (ordinary/usual): Futsuu (no): ふつう (の): 普通 (の)

Minimum: Saiteigen: さいていげん: 最低限 (noun)

Least/lowest/worst: Saitei (na/no): さいてい (な/の): 最低 (な/の)

Minimum age: Saiteinenrei: さいていねんれい: 最低年齢

Note: Just a friendly reminder that the particles in the parentheses are to be added on when the adjective goes BEFORE a noun, but left off if the adjective is at the end of the sentence instead:
EG: Blue book VS the book is blue


He is not normal.
Kare wa futsuu de wa arimasen.
かれ は ふつう では ありません。

He is not normal.
Kare wa futsuu ja nai.
かれ は ふつう じゃ ない。

I am a perfect human.
Watashi wa kanpeki na ningen desu.
わたし は かんぺき な にんげん です。

It is a beautiful bird.
Sore wa utsukushii tori desu.
それ は うつくしい とり です。

He's a modern man.
Kare wa gendaiteki na dansei desu.
かれ は げんだいてき な だんせい です。

I am positive.
Watashi wa kouteiteki desu.
わたし は こうていてき です。
(I am affirmative)

I am positive.
Watashi wa rakutenteki desu.
わたし は らくてんてき です。
(I am optimistic)

It is the minimum age. (EG: for employment)
sore wa saiteinenrei desu.
それ は さいていねんれい です。

((and now I have to gush something in the comments section))

Thank you for joining me!

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February 13, 2017



Okay Gushing time:
on my MP3 player I have a couple of episodes of Ouran High School Host Club that I use for audio practice. Generally as I work on lessons, if I come across a word that is, or even sounds remotely like it is, from an episode that line will start playing in my head. I don't generally look up any of the words in any of the episodes because I'd spend all my day looking up words so I just try to pick up from context.
SO! After writing "futsuu" for the 3rd time the line from Shitai Kensa ni Goyoujin (Eng: Beware the Physical Exam) starts playing in my head where Haruhi asks about the physical exam and the Hitachiin twins tell her "Physical exams are physical exams." and they open the doors and she's like "What kind of physical exam is this?!" and they respond with "Futsuu no." :D And now I know what it means!!
Okay I guess I knew what it meant before... because I've seen the English dub... and otherwise I could guess. But it's really nice to recognize a word out of context. So I'm still excited about it.



  • He's a modern man: You missed the てき in かれはげんだいなだんせいです. It should be かれはげんだいてきなだんせいです.

"I am a perfect human." lol


Thank you for the catch. It has been fixed.


I am. Demon-Kiyomi is just very good at Japanese.

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