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  5. "Con mèo lắng nghe con chuột."

"Con mèo lắng nghe con chuột."

Translation:The cat listens to the mouse.

February 13, 2017



I'm wondering about the semantics of this sentence. Are the Cat and mouse talking or is the Cat listening to be able to find the mouse to eat it. If that is the case then it sound be the Cat listens for the mouse.


What is lắng? Can't find it in dictionary. Is it used in southern vietnamese too?


I am looking for same answer,


I think it's a word that means "to deposit", which in this sentence means "listen carefully".


lắng nghe is a phrase, means to listen to someone


The word "the" needs to be available twice to correctly respond here....However, word choices are missing for several others as well...thus, it is impossible to get the answers correct.... "Skipping” only returns the items later for repeated failures...


I'm wondering about the dictionary hints: if you click on the "nghe" of "lắng nghe" the last one says "hear/hears". Does it mean only nghe means "to hear" or can lắng nghe also mean "to hear"?


"lắng nghe" means to listen attentively, to pay great attention to what someone says.

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