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"Damit habe ich nichts zu tun."

Translation:I have nothing to do with that.

February 13, 2017



Wouldn't "Damit" imply a ... "So that I have nothing to do". I would have thought "I have nothing to do with that" would have been "darüber" since the later seems more like 'over that' or 'about that', no?


Usually, the pronunciation is different: dámit for "with that" and damít for "so that".

"So that I have nothing to do" would also have different word order: Damit ich nichts zu tun habe. (subordinate clause)


Ohhhh I see it now, like Da mit... clever.


in this case "damit" means "with that" rather than "so that". This question is in the wrong category in my opinion :)


No, I think it's just an illustrative example of one of the many uses and constructions of damit, to show (or remind) us that it's not solely used to head subordinate clauses with the meaning "so that." Damit has other meanings and uses as well. :)


Can this sentence be used as "I have nothing to do with it" in the meaning of "I'm not related to the issue"?


Wouldn't "Darüber" fit in as well (Darüber habe ich nichts zu tun- About that, I have nothing to do)?


But can you explain why not?


It's simply the wrong preposition.

The expression is etwas mit etwas zu tun haben "to have something to do with something".


How about "Ich habe damit nichts zu tun." ?


That is also grammatically correct. The emphasis is different.

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