My One Lingot

Hi, if I remember correctly, we were supposed to gain a lingot when we get all 20 answers in "Timed Practice" correct. Well, I just "beat the clock" and am missing the one lingot that I should have gotten. There was also no page that told me about it. Am I missing something? I just want my one lingot. ;) Just kidding, it's not that important, but if there's an answer to this, I would be really grateful.

March 5, 2014


Nope, there is no lingot involved in timed practice. I think it was a suggestion someone made. But, it was never incorporated.

PS if you ever want to know what you can receive lingots for, just go to the lingot store and scroll down to the instructions/explanations. :)

I did not know that! Thanks (again, I think you helped me yesterday or the day before)! :)

I'm around here a lot ^_^

ill give u a lingot. whoops my finger slipped fifteen times by accident. oops. looks like you have 15 lingots now...

I'm not sure why it says 16, so I'll guess your finger slipped again (unless someone else gave it to me...). Well, it feels amazing having 16 on my post, so you should see what it's like too! Oh no! My finger slipped too! :D I only have the one you gave me. Thanks for my one lingot! Case closed. :)

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