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Russians, love confession, St. Valentine's Day, love poems...

Hi guys,

What does St. Valentine's Day mean to Russians?

How do Russians confess their love?

What is their favourite love poem?

To answer the above questions, I asked a few people on the streets of St. Petersburg.

To be honest, it was probably the most difficult video I have ever done. Because love is a personal thing and we prefer to keep it inside us. That's even more true probably for Russian people.

Watch here! https://youtu.be/t7n7u2ppRdc

С днём влюбленных!


February 13, 2017



I really like your videos because they are very useful. I have a request, could you make one with military, cops or government people?? I think that it would be cool. Thanks for sharing though.


Thanks, Angelos - Another fascinating video. еще многие, пожалуйста.

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