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  5. "Voi aveți meniul."

"Voi aveți meniul."

Translation:You have the menu.

February 13, 2017



"voi" means you all so why didn't it accept my answer "you all have the menu"


That is because the English world y'all, as a substitute for plural you in some dialects, does not mean "you all". It does not mean "all of you". It simply means "you, two" or "you, several" without necessarily referring to everyone. The correct answer is you.


This is a nice rhythm lol. The audio is wrong, but I still like it :D


If Voi is more than one, why is it "the menu"?


I think it is because "Voi" is about people, the subjects, while "meniul" is about just one menu (singular, the menu), the object of the phrase. It is like if you are with 2 friends in a restaurante and they are reading the menu together but without you - you can say "you have the menu", telling that your 2 friends have the only menu on the table.


I have a doubt about the object of the phrase: when should I use meniu and when should I use meniul?

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