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  5. "Tacluswch yn gyflym!"

"Tacluswch yn gyflym!"

Translation:Tidy up quickly!

February 13, 2017



I put 'tidy quickly'. I was marked wrong for not using the 'up'. I would say the 'up' is optional in English.

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Tidy quickly is one of the accepted answers here


Can I ask a question about Commands in general? Are you being rude when you use them?

Can you add please and thank you? I raised with the idea that telling someone to do something is wrong, and you should ask?

But I haven't seen any use of manners in the examples. So am I putting English ways onto languages that have a command form?

These units (in any language) are always something I feel uncomfortable with and don't understand as well as others and I think these questions that I have are the reason why.


It might be helpful to think of commands in a different context. For instance, if someone is teaching you how to do something, would they say please after every command? Probably not because they're expected to be giving commands. Imagining it this way helps me at least!


Thanks jakeashton1! I didn't expect to get a reply! It does help to think of it as you suggest.


I was mark correct for putting "tidy fast" ?

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