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Mexican Spanish?

In the food section I just learned "jugo" instead of the Spain-Spanish "zumo" and thus, I wonder if duolingo.com teaches strictly Mexican Spanish, or is it a mix?

June 21, 2012



Language courses are generally a mix. Specially Spanish, which is a very diverse language.


Thanks, I will keep that in mind and have my http://dict.leo.org always open on a second screen for quick comparison ... :-)


When asked to translate "juice" or any other word that differs between regions, you may type in either option and the site will accept it as correct.


Thanks for that hint! I'm thrilled already and may turn into a duolingo-enthusiast! :-) Ahora soy una mujer entusiasta :-)


It's not just Mexican. Certain words are much more commonly used throughout Latin America, and are thus preferred when it comes to teaching. "Zumo" is used practically only in Spain, whereas "jugo" is used by all Latin countries--and is recognized in Spain, too. A handful of Castillian words seem archaic or even odd to a majority of Latin American speakers, including “zumo”. Also, it makes sense to specifically avoid the word "zumo" if you're going to pronounce the "z" as an "s." Otherwise, you'd be saying "sumo," which is an entirely different word. I'm not trying to belittle Castillian Spanish, as I'm a professional Spanish linguist myself. However, a learner would do well to keep in mind that Castillian is to Spanish what British English is to English--that is, a delightful and rich form of the language, but one that is rife with odd-sounding, non-standard words as well. For example, most English speakers today don't go around the world saying LORRIES instead of TRUCKS, or BESPOKE instead of CUSTOM or TAILORED.


??? no English person would ever say trucks!


i have noticed the same thing, I learned spain spanish, but i am pretty sure this is just spanish from mexico, it is too bad:/


Hi allielovesyou ... as SkylarEC said, here you find both versions, and both will be credited as correct answer! I think this is the most valuable learning tool I've ever touched!!! And I really don't mind learning Spain-Spanish and Mexico-Spanish parallel, there is soooo much space in our brains... :-)


thats even better! i never realized it, thanks:) this website is an awesome learning tool!


That makes much sense Raymond17, thank you!


I think it is. But I think that Spain is just getting confused with their language.

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