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  5. "Tengo recuerdos de mi padre."

"Tengo recuerdos de mi padre."

Translation:I have memories of my father.

February 22, 2013



The dictionary translates "recuerdos" as "regards" or "Respects" Suddenly I find that the dictionary function on Duolingo has disappeared (maybe it's my browser, I don't know) but my dictionary is telling me different words.

What's going on here


Your dictionary is not very accurate :)


Isn't "Recuerdos" used by itself as a salutation? That's probably where the translation "Regards" is coming from. It doesn't make sense in translating this sentence, of course, but your response could have been a bit more helpful. The primary meanings of the word "recuerdo" ïnclude "memory" and "keepsake". Is "I have memories of my father" also a possible translation, or would "recuerdo" not be used this way?


"Recuerdos" is not used as a salutation, and it never means "reagards" or "respects" (here's the authoritative source in Spanish: http://buscon.rae.es/drae/srv/search?id=g3TjQENeODXX2WO0dm9C). "Recuerdo" is a very common Spanish word and it means "memory" or "keepsake". The translation "I have memories of my father" would be correct.


The fourth definition given by that reference for "recuerdos" is:

m. pl. memorias (‖ saludo por escrito o por medio de tercera persona).

If I'm not mistaken, "saludo por escrito" translates into English as a "written salutation" or a "written greeting".


Why can't I say "I have my father's memories"?


WHy isn't I have memories of my Dad correct?

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