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"Ea este săracă datorită războiului."

Translation:She is poor because of the war.

February 13, 2017



Am I mistaken in thinking that ”datorită” is only used when discussing positive / beneficial things? So says wiktionary.com regarding this word


For negative things, in Romanian, you have to use "din cauza"! "Datorita" is just for positive construction of the phrase!


I was going to ask the same.


I am not a native speaker, but, in my opinion, because of the fact that the verb, from which this preposition comes from, is "a datori", which actually means "to owe", it cannot be only positive. Think the fact that when we usually owe something to someone, we refer to money. "Eu datoresc banii"= "I owe the money". So, it could be negative. If you want to refer to something "strongly" positive, use the prepositions "mulțumită" (from the verb "a mulțumi"="to thank") or "grație" (from the latin "gratus"="to please", "to be grateful").


The verb is "A datora" and 1st person present is "Eu datorez". "Datorită " is used in positive cases but somehow less positive than for "mulțumită "


How many different ways to say 'because' and when to use one over the other?


Good question! I have seen în cauză, pentru ca and now datorită! Are there any more?! As to the correct usage for each one, I have no idea!


How about din cauza?


I think "Din Cauza" is only used to explain negative stuff, e.g. 'El a murit din cauza ca el a cancer" (I believe that is "He died because he had cancer"). I've been told by a native that deoarece is 'covers all' version of because


Deoarece Fiindcă


All observations are correct. A moderator should also see, to change ”datorită” in ”din cauza”.

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