"Portofelul tatălui meu este pe masă."

Translation:The wallet of my father is on the table.

February 14, 2017

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While this is still grammatically correct it's much more natural for English speakers to say "My father's wallet is on the table".


"eu întâmplător prin casă/m-am închedicat di masă/ș-am chicat cu mâna-n portofel.../da' când am vrut să scot paraua/hop și tata cu curaua.../văleu, văleu

hihi - Pavel Stratan, a Moldovan genius...


I casually around the house/I închedicat di meal/I Chic et hand in your wallet.../yes when I wanted to remove brook/hop and Dad with the Cura

Google Translate, a Translation and Interpretation genius! :)


Ha, nobody can translate Pavel Stratan properly, including from Romanian to Romanian, so no way GT could do it directly to English :)

Moldavian language (from both sides of the Prut river) is shorting/hurrying the speech, by eliminating many diphthongs and difficult to pronounce consonant combinations. Like they will say „di” instead of „de” depending of the beginning of the next word, or „închedicat” [ke-di, not tche-di] instead of „împiedicat”, respectively „am chicat” [ki-kat] instead of „am picat” because the ”mp” group is tongue twister, they will say „da'” (note the apostrophe) instead of „dar” to eliminate the „r” (and connect with the next word in speech, sometimes to eliminate one full syllable), or „curaua” instead of „cureaua” to avoid the ”e-a”. This way they can say more words per minute compared with the standard Romanian language, and can generally transmit more information faster, with less effort. Pavel Stratan is using these particularities in ironical and comical ways, he says the things faster, and then (because he still has some time and iambs left in the rhythm, he will say a different phrase, with the same meaning (like if we didn't fully get it the first time), or an almost the same phrase, looking like a repetition, but with a totally different (opposite) meaning. This is where his "genius" manifests.

But "casually" was good, hehe. In that verse, a little thief describes his adventures like it wasn't his guilt. It goes something like "I was casually walking through the house when I tripped over the table and I accidentally fell with my hand into the wallet. But when I wanted to take out the buck, snap!, my dad was there instantly, with the belt..., ouch, ouch.." (the leather belt used to keep dad's pants up may also be used to ”discipline” naughty children).


Thank you for dealing with the characteristics of Moldavian speech, very interesting!

For some hilarious translation themed musical entertainment: search for "Google Translate sings" on YouTube :) (English language songs translated multiple times into various languages and then back to English)


Yes, right next to the fruits and the shoes.


Exactly there.

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