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"Do not give fruits to the puppies!"

Translation:Nu le da fructe cățeilor!

February 14, 2017



Why are "Nu le da cățeilor fructe" and "Nu le dați cățeilor fructe" rejected? What is wrong with this word order?


Same doubt here. I have tried the first option.


Hm... ”nu dați fructe” has to be accepted. These imperative sentences are more likely to be at the second person plural in Romanian, like in public places, at work, etc., unless you are very intimate with your interlocutor [ex: in the zoo, is always ”nu hrăniți animalele” (”do not feed the animals”), using it at singular would be very impolite].


Not sure why the correct answer shows as: Nu le da fructe cățeilor!

I was expecting "dă" for the second person imperative. The dictionary confirms that "dă" is the correct form for the second person imperative, so I'm not sure why DL shows "da" here instead.


That's true for the positive imperative, however, the negative imperative is formed using the infinitive form, so „da”.


Would "nu le da cățeilor fructe" be considered incorrect?


Can someone explain why it's "Noi le dăm doctorilor ochelari" on the other exercise but this one is "Nu le da fructe cățeilor” instead of ”Nu le da cățeilor fructe” ? Is it because the main/first subject here is the fruit over the puppies?


Ouh, and I thought, „le” was accusative and „îi” dative ...


îi is sometimes dative and sometime accusative. îi is accusative for third person masculine plural (i.e. masculine "them"). îi is also dative for masculine and feminine singular third person (i.e. to "him" or to "her") . Make sure you review the pronoun tables in a good grammar book or Internet site.


My grammar book indeed had an error. :D

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