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Cellphone Backgrounds (with Template)


I got bored of staring at my phone lockscreen without gaining anything from it, so I made this background with a Welsh mutation table for it!

I made it for Android/EMUI because that's what I've got, but it can be easily modified for the iPhone.

I made two alternative backgrounds, both are included in the template, which is an .xcf file (native Gimp format with layers), but I believe it can also be opened with Photoshop, you can use that to make your own with your preferred image(s).

Here are the base backgrounds:

Template and files at my shared Google drive folder

1 year ago


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Looks great except the first consonant should be 'c' and not 'k'

1 year ago


Woah can't believe I didn't catch that earlier! Files fixed and post updated

1 year ago


as a native speaker who still forgets treigladau, you are a lifesaver. diolch yn fawr iawn!

1 year ago