"The child speaks very slowly."

Translation:Το παιδί μιλάει σιγά σιγά.

February 14, 2017



Is it common to repeat an adverb/adjective instead of using "πολυ", or should this only be done with "σιγα"?

February 14, 2017


Ναι, εγώ θα ήθελα να ξέρω, πάρα πολύ, παρακαλώ :-)

March 13, 2017


Not always. In some cases only. Αργά αργά, σιγα σιγά, γρήγορα γρήγορα, καλά καλά (with the meaning of almost), ψηλά ψηλά (very highly,) and opposite χαμηλά χαμηλά, and so. But ΝΟΤ κακά κακά (very badly), προφανώς προφανώς (obviously). This form comes from foreing influences I think, used in Turkish and Arabic but in Italian for instance, not Ancient Greek, I think.

July 29, 2017


Is there any semantic difference between αργά and σιγά?

September 1, 2018


I answered ...αργά αργά, and it was marked wrong. But if Stergi3 is correct, sounds to me as though it should be accepted.

March 12, 2019
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