"The barmen have beer."

Translation:Barmanele au bere.

February 14, 2017

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The barmen can refer to women? please a native opinion...


Looking into dictionaries I think that barman / barmen refer to MEN If you refer to WOMEN it would be barmaid / barmaids

If this is correct, then the correct translation here would be ”barmanii au bere” Also I could not find the Romanian word ”barmanele”. The correct feminine form is ”barmaniță / barmanițe” see here https://dexonline.ro/definitie/barmani%C8%9B%C4%83 ;


English, unlike any of the romance languages, doesn't have a general rule for distinguishing feminine and masculine nouns for professions, as you may know, and often times the word for a profession is considered neutral, or neutered (with exceptions with some: policeman, policewoman / actor, actress / waiter, waitress). The general word to distinguish a barman (man or woman) is often the word bartender, or even sometimes barkeeper to some extent. That isn't to say that using barman to identify a man or barmaid to identify a female bartender wouldn't work, it can, but is it generally not used in English.


Thanks a lot for the insight!

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