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"Die Hüte von den Jungen sind groß."

Translation:The boys' hats are big.

February 22, 2013



In the question format where you are given the sentence in German and have to select the correct article for "Jungen", it would seem to be impossible to know whether itwantshould be "dem" or "den". They should both be correct.


not exactly sure about what you mean. 'von den Jungen' = "the boys' " (plural)

'von dem Jungen' ="the boy's " (singular)

On a side note: genitive would be better style here: 'Die Hüte der/des Jungen sind groß'


Exactly. I was given the sentence "Die Hüte von ___ Jungen sind groß." and asked to fill in the article, so it would be either dem if Jungen is singular, or den if Jungen is plural. The problem being that the rest of the sentence is identical whether it's plural or singular and the article is the only thing denoting plurality or lack thereof, so unless you already knew the sentence that they're using (which I didn't), you could only 50/50 guess at what the correct article is.


I'm with Bottweiser - in one question it's dem next it's den -- and we can't tell if Jungen is singular or plural. no reason why the singular boy can't have plural hats.


I agree. It could be the hats of one or many boys.


I've seen Junge pluralized as Jungs instead of Jungen-any reason why?


Why do they use dative case here instead of genitive? I thought that only genitive indicated possession.


"von" and dative is able to be used here instead of genitive, same as in english you can say "the boy's hats are big" or "the hats of the boys are big" (so the translation implies we should be using genitive which I think would be "Die Hüte der Jungen sind groß") not sure if that one is accepted on this sentence as I haven't tried it.


The boys' hats are big.??? can someone explain this?


It's really difficult to hear if it's "dem" or "den" and that's the only difference between sing. and plur. here. Argh.


how would "the hats FROM the boys are big" ?


Very hard to hear the difference between den and dem.

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