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  5. "Dịch bệnh đã dừng lây lan."

"Dịch bệnh đã dừng lây lan."

Translation:The plague stopped spreading.

February 14, 2017



no, it's just begun


Lây lan - can it be used for other uses like spreading butter on toast or spreading salt on a sidewalk or a spreading waistline? Or is it only used with diseases?


"lây lan" has the meaning of (being) contagious or infectious. spreading butter would be translated as "bôi bơ". spreading salt would be "rải muối". spreading waistline could be sthg like "lên kí", "lên cân" or "mập ra".


side note.

  • bơ is a loanword from the French beurre

  • kí is also a loanword from the French kilogramme (or the English kilogram)


Also mét (mètre, meter), lít (litre, liter), bánh mì pa tê (from pâté), gara ô tô (from garage auto, car workshop). That's all I could think of :)


here's a list of loanwords from French.


'Dịch bệnh'. Is this the word for disease, or is it specifically for the beubonic plague? Duo does not accept 'disease' as an answer.


Trong câu này thay "plague" thành "Disease" được không admin?


mình nghĩ "disease" không đủ chính xác. một dịch bệnh đúng là một disease nhưng một disease không nhất thiết là một dịch bệnh.


So you are saying that dịch bệnh refers to the specific disease called the plague, not just diseases and illnesses in general? just checking because Google just translates it as disease. My dictionary says "epidemic diseases". The plague has hardly existed for a really long time...

If this is not the general term for illnesses in general, how would we say that?


the plague we are talking here is any epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality, not the infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis.

the general term for illness is just "bệnh" (its classifier is either cơn or căn).

  • bệnh: illness
  • dịch bệnh (or bệnh dịch) [spread + illness]: epidemic disease
  • chứng bệnh [sign + illness]: symptom
  • bệnh nhân [illness + person]: patient
  • bệnh viện [illness + institute]: hospital
  • bệnh tật [illness + handicap]: illnesses (mass/collective noun)


please only teach relevant terminology- so many medical words (parts of the bodies, illnesses) that could be taught and you choose an outdate disease "plague" are we going to learn small pox etc before we are taught lungs, liver etc?


in times like the pandemic we undergo right now, it's quite relevant, don't you think?

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