"They are following their dog."

Translation:Ακολουθούν τον σκύλο τους.

February 14, 2017

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Is it possible to use σκύλος instead of σκύλο in this sentence?


No it isn't, 'σκύλο' is the accusative declension of the noun 'σκύλος'.


Ο σκύλος πίνει = the dog is drinking (the dog is the subject of the sentence). βλέπω τον σκύλο = I see the dog (the dog is the object of the sentence, I am the subject). This is what is meant by the nominative and accusative case for nouns.


Wrote ' το σκυλί ' not 'τον σκυλο' difference please.


In case it was not accepted, it's because it wasn't there and has been added now. Either is ok, but "σκύλος" is the more common word and sounds better.


Ακολουθια. Παρακολουθω.


Γιατι " Ακολουθαν τον σκύλο τους" ειναι λάθος


I wrote "Ακολούθουν το σκύλο τους" and it said that I had a typo in my answer because the right one was "Ακολούθουν το σκυλί τους". Could someone explain me why? Thanks ;)


Yes, there are two words you can use in Greek to say dog: σκύλος and σκυλί. The former is masculine and the latter is neuter. The accusative form of the masculine article is τον while the neuter equivalent is το. So you combined the neuter article with the masculine noun and Duolingo fixed that by showing you the correct noun to match the article.

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