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  5. "Ella vive en la costa oeste."

"Ella vive en la costa oeste."

Translation:She lives on the west coast.

February 22, 2013



What's the difference between "west coast" and "western coast"?


dont you live AT the coast?


Funny isn't it, yes, we live at the seaside but we live on the coast, also can say by the seaside and by the coast, or by the water's edge and at the water's edge, not sure why these differences occur so some may be regional? BY means alongside, AT suggests a point so maybe AT the coast suggests a specificity which clashes with the visualisation? You can say 'a house along the coast' but not 'along the seaside'.


True about 'at' being more specific... eg. I live at the northern most point on the coast

Which would not work as on, by, or anything else


It is usually 'on the coast' just how it's said.


Was it only I who didn't hear the audio?


Another accepted translation: 'She lives IN the west coast'. No idea how to imagine anyone living in the coast (is that in the basement of a beach house?


Yes, it sounds strange to me too, but I would think using "en" is (probably?) the only option because "sobre la costa oeste" sounds even stranger. ¦-}

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