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How to change the speaker voice from female to male

Is there any provision in duolingo to change the female speaker voice to male ? I feel that the type of voice we hear influences our speech as well.

March 5, 2014



What happened to the female voice for the Italian course? I will resume when voice returns or there is a choice to change voices.


Great. I want to change the voice as well

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We've experimented with this before. At the moment there's no option to change the voice.


Oooh- what a cool idea! Being able to play with different voices would be so fun! Please do keep experimenting. I think you'd get a lot of "bang for the buck," in terms of people loving it! :-)


I need the female voice!


So do I, the male voice is really hard to understand for me. It seems like some people have the female voice already, though. It's really weird.

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