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  5. "It does not suit you."

"It does not suit you."

Translation:Це вам не пасує.

February 14, 2017



Hello DuoLingo. I said 'Вам не личить це', rather than 'Це вам не личить', and my answer was considered wrong, presumably because of word order. Is the order of words I used really incorrect, or maybe grammatically acceptable but never used in actual speech?


I tried "це тобі не пасує" and it was marked wrong, but there's no indication in "It doesn't suit you" as to whether it's meant to be formal. Am I missing something?


Тебе / тобі - What are differences?

[deactivated user]

    Тебе is the accusative case, used for the direct object.

    Тобі is the dative case, used for indirect object (it often corresponds to English 'to you').

    Generally, direct objects are affected by the action more strongly than indirect objects. Here's an example:

    • Я покажу тобі світ. 'I'll show you the world.' 'The world' is the direct object, 'you' is indirect object.
    • Я покажу тебе світу. 'I'll show you to the world.' 'You' is the direct object, 'the world' is indirect.


    Wont accept informal

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