"The king won the battle."

Translation:Ο βασιλιάς νίκησε στη μάχη.

February 14, 2017

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Really? "Ο βασιλιάς νίκησε τη μάχη"??? Who says that in Greek? We say "Ο βασιλιάς κέρδισε τη μάχη". If we say "νίκησε τη μάχη" we are basically saying "he defeated the battle". Please, let's have a look at that.


It's wrong to try to get the English language to suit you. The English have, of course, its own syntax. Don't try to write English phrases with Greek logic.



I also thought that. But I am not a native.


As native speaker of Greek I wrote "κέρδισε τη μάχη" and Duo correct me "νίκησε τη μάχη". But is wrong. Here in the discuss Duo wrote "νίκησε στη μάχη" Yes this is correct but "κέρδισε τη μάχη" is more frequant.


A google serarch on "κερδισε τη μαχη" gets about 48000 hits, but "νικησε τη μαχη" only about 3000, supporting HellasCad. I tried the first one as my first answer, on the basis of my limited but not completely zero knowledge of Greek, and it was rejected, which shouldn't have happened.


The word "στη" is the abbreviated form of the words "εις" and "την or τη" (depended the grammar fall of the following word), which used together in the spoken Greek language of the previous century. In today's spoken language we say simply "σ'τη" or "στην".

In any case it means "In the".



Is στη μάχη right here should it be just τη μάχη


"Τη" is more correct, but both are accepted.


Wrong! Κέρδισε τη μάχη is the right answer. Or Νίκησε στη μάχη. Not corrected. (9/4/19)

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