"Are you Dutch or Russian?"

Translation:Tu ești olandez sau rus?

February 15, 2017

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Just report it / semnalați greșeala. Plus mind duoliguo-ers might not already understand Romanian...


Am scris "sau" in loc de "ori" si se pare ca e gresit, desi stim cu totii ca e mult mai folosit in limba vorbita si, de asemenea, mai corect.


What if you ask this question to a woman? "Tu ești olandeză sau rusească" ??


Olandeză sau rusoaică. Some ethnonims are irregular, rusoaică, englezoaică, franțuzoaică, spanioloaică, bulgăroaică, sârboaică, while rusă, engleză, franceză etc. (the word that may sound natural for the feminine, as directly derived from the masculine) is used for the language.


If you ask the question to someone from Brabant, the answer is "yes" to the English question and "no" to the Romanian one. Am I wrong?


Yes, you are. -ish. Because we translate Dutch as olandez, not just the people from the region named Holland, we don't call them Neerlandese or Nederlandish, or something else. Same in the other latin languages. Somehow it seems all Latin descendants are keen to use a single word instead of the construct "el este un cetățean al Țărilor de Jos".


Of all the other Latin languages I know, only Italian uses olandese. For the others, there is Néerlandais, neerlandês, neerlandés.

I misplaced my Romanian dictionary. I'll check what it says when I find it. Dexonline tells me that olandez is Persoană care face parte din populația Olandei.

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