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German ad that is "Supergeil"

Good morning,

this creative song is a great intro to German advertisement, (not sharing this to promote this store in particular).

This explains how you can use "super" in front of a lot of nouns and adjectives or compliment people with "super"!



March 5, 2014



The image of him lying in a tub of milk and pouring cereal in it will forever live in the depths of my cerebral cortex.



Spinnst du? I can't think of any other way of eating breakfast!


Ha! I had to look up the word geil.


Meanings: Awesome, hot (as in sexy), horny. Yep. Careful with that one, it's pretty contextual.


Yeah, I think half the German porn titles have this word in them. (don't ask me why I know) :)


My cousin and I looked up the word in context of "Ich bin geil" on her phone and it said in an autobot voice translator thing "I'm horny." Right as my conservative grandmother walked by.


haha same here. google amassed a good set of vocabulary!


Someone already posted the same video last week:



That person beat me to it. Thanks for sharing, @Katherle.


No this is a terrible example for people learning German. This is not german it is completely Denglisch. Half the song is english. Last time I checked "tasty, crunchy, smooth" etc. were not German words.


Well, yes, you are right. Germans wouldn't be so fond of "denglish" words. Yet, it is done, and possible for comical purposes like this one. Ideally, compound words consist of German words only.


True, bit if a video of a man like him isn't enough to persuade one to continue learning German, what is?


I wanted to post the same. 50% of all the words in the song are not even German. :D It's hilarious!


Yeah, and "super" even is Latin! Imagine we just would start to adapt foreign words into our language...


Sorry, I didn't mean it unfriendly. I really think it is hilarious!
I find the dancers quite "Supergeschmacklos" but the song is just funny. :D And I found the chance to remark on the use of English just too perfect in this case. I mean Julika said <<This explains how you can use "super" in front of a lot of nouns and adjectives or compliment people with "super"!>> et voilà this is hilarious!


(D)english is very prevalent in marketing vocabulary, and so it fits into an advertizing pretty well ;) I also think it is used humorously here.


That's probably true but it's also part of what makes it so fun. We just have to remember not to try out some of those words on our German friends. . .


Superschlecht, Supergeschmacklos :)


Wow, what an earworm this turned out to be. My dreams last night were haunted by a baritone voice intoning "supergeil, supergeil"!


Argh! My brain!!! Now I'll have Zwerge haunting my dreams too! ;)


Danke schön :/ Jetzt ich werde der "Super-lied" nicht mehr merken!


That's a funny song! :)


>This explains how you can use "super" in front of a lot of nouns and adjectives or compliment people with "super"!

This seems the same as English right?

You're super! You're a super developer! That's super! I'm super hungry! No, that is super bad!


To use "super" as an alternative Komparativ or Superlativ is Orwells' Newspeak and NOT normally used! This is an advertisement, there, other rules (might) apply.

Geil (=horny) is also a word you should never, ever use as it has some alternative meanings which can pose a problem to you....

gut, super gut, super plus gut... read 1984 and forgett this construct, FAST. Just use "sehr". Same construct but high language. sehr gut, sehr schnell, sehr schön, sehr schlecht.

You have to be really proficient in German to use these constructs without mayor incidents.

But that's just the humble advise of a native speaker.


O_O hmmmmm that coffee looks so good! I think I will go grab a cup now...That is one weird dude!


Duolingo ist supergeil. Ich find's supergeil. Ja! :-)


hypnotic........and a wee bit creepy yet enjoyable.

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